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No downloads. All activity is held online via the network of the servers around the world.


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We are a social media agency that runs, manages, and grows hundreds of Instagram accounts for their clients. We have developed an algorithm that allows us to get the best real, engaged followers for these clients. We have now designed an interface that allows the general public to manage and build their own accounts with real, engaged followers.


$38.97 (6 months)


+ 8.000 followes

Noemi Giarratana

As a photographer, I’m always moving around the globe for my job. I like that I can access “Inssta” from both my iPhone and laptop. 6 months in and I already have 8,000 new followers. Thanks!


$34.97 (5 months)



Andrey Rogozin

We are a Russian SEM agency who’s been working with “Inssta” for 5 months now. Our clients are so happy with the results that we are now promoting more than 30 accounts. “Inssta” is fast and reliable with great pricing for agencies.


$38.97 (6 months)


+ 8.000 followes

Jessika Powell

You, guys, rock! I’ve gotten lots more sales at my Instagram handmade shop since I started. I tried another Instagram bot before, but “Inssta” is faster and the followers are actually real people. And thanks for always adding new features!


The fees below are transparent and contain
no hidden payments

5 days trial


1 account


$9.99 / month

1 account


$19.99 / month

3 accounts


$49.99 / month

10 accounts